When we think and speak of “poverty” today, we usually think in economic terms. But we believe one of the biggest poverty’s young people face today, is a “poverty of experience”!

We at H4Y are big on breaking those restrictions for young people and another great thing we do is to partner with community in creating phenomenal events for our youth and young adults.

One of our ‘signature’ events has become Heart For Youth Trust “Adventure Days”. These run throughout the year and are generally supported by partnerships with both individual businesses and business groups such as Business Networks International (BNI)

These include both fun and challenging events such as Muriwai Surf School, horse-riding, hiking and bush walks, camps, farm days, mini bike and motor bike riding, Tree Adventure high ropes and many other challenging and “extreme fun” events that get kids off the gadgets and out of their comfort zones and again into serious fun!

Without the generous sponsorship of both individuals and businesses, it would be near impossible for many of our young people to participate in these sorts of life changing experiences. For most – these are ‘first time ever’ events.

All events are eagerly attended by both mentees and mentors – those referred from our many networks and are always supported by additional mentors and trained volunteers with a high ratio of youth/adult support and supervision. Most days involve up to around 50 participants.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for information on our next Adventure Day or follow us closely on Face Book where all events are posted in advance.

All photos of these awesome young people on this site are from real events our H4Y Team members have run over the past few years (all photos used by permission).

Finally, if you would like to help organise, volunteer or provide sponsorship to an H4Y Adventure Day, please get in contact ! Thank you!