Support H4Y

In H4Y’s short time of operation - many have asked, “How can I help or be a part of this?” Here’s how!

  • Consider becoming a youth mentor
  • Become a H4Y event volunteer
  • Donate your professional or social services
  • Offer work experience to our year 13/ school leavers
  • Help us source company or corporate sponsors looking to support awesome organisations such as us!
  • Support us financially in any way you can!

How to Partner Financially

Thanks for your support and remember – 33% of all donations to our trust can be claimed back through your annual IRD tax return! Heart For Youth Trust generates all donors tax receipts promptly at the end of each financial year. However if you require one sooner or at the time of making a donation – please let us know and we will provide the necessary receipt/s. There are various ways you can support us financially as follows.

To make a one off donation of any amount to H4Y Trust, please use direct credit bank details below or for credit/debit card donations - please use our Give A Little account by going to our page here and follow the online prompts. A donation tax receipt will be generated by Give A Little directly to our email address.

“Lots of little” is a simple funding initiative that stands for: Lots of people - giving a little - to make a huge difference!

For just around the same cost of a hot chocolate or a burger a week, you can make a MASSIVE difference in the life of a young person in supporting a mentoring partnership with a volunteer adult in 2 simple steps!

1. Copy our bank details below and start up a weekly AP with your weekly or monthly contribution of any amount you choose ! We really don’t mind how small it is…. a little is just fine!

2. Let us know you’ve set up the payment by emailing us your name and details so we can send you a tax receipt at the end of the financial year. We will also keep in touch by updating you on the great work your generosity is helping us to achieve.

We thank you so much in partnering with us in supporting a young person with a mentor for the next 12 months.


All donations here go directly to sponsoring young people into our projects, camps and events of your choosing.

To Donate and Support

Direct Payments
Heart For Youth Charitable Trust
Kiwi Bank 38 9012 0879404 00
(please insert name in reference field and email us or phone through your name and address and amount paid or donating ongoing for receipt purposes and indicate if there is a specific area of funding you will like your donation to go to) – note tax 33% receipts !

Make out and send to:

P.O Box 66 046
Beach Haven
(include name and address or email address for receipt purposes)

“Thanks so much for your support, we appreciate it immensely and please subscribe to our newsletter updates through

Ross McCook - Founding Director, Heart For Youth Charitable Trust